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    Let's bring together the best of Running, Cycling & Fitness!

  • Stand up biking


    Running on a bike

    More than a new trend, a real innovative approach to achieve

    eco-friendly mobility and a fully new sport to keep getting healthy!


    Welcome to the world of

    Moov Up Bikes...

    World first Stand Up E-Bike

    with a central motor & a patented running motion

    that allows a smooth and adjustable stride (long/compact)!

    Details coming soon!

    More pics & videos

    of our prototypes...


  • Performance

    • Get a full body workout
    • Boost your cardio
    • Strengthen your muscles sustainably
    • Crosstrain more efficiently


    • Get healthy

    • Train painfree
    • Have fun alone or as a group


    • Improve your overall fitness
    • Increase fat burning

    • Reshape your body

  • Sport - Health

    Impact-free Running

    • Protect your joints (knees, hips, ankles, back)

    • Patented running motion, smooth and adjustable stride (long/compact)

    Upright Posture

    • Comfortable Stand-up position, less stress on your spine (back, neck…)
    • Cladding workout and in-depth muscles reinforcement

    Outdoor Activity

    • Stress reduction, good mood, scenery stops you getting bored
    • Outdoor Fitness, burn more calories


    - world first -

    • Relieve your cardio and muscles, fitness workout without forcing

    • Take longer and more daring rides

  • About Us...

    Our mission, our core values and our goal...

    Our mission

    Wellness & Performance

    How to pursue a physical activity on a regular basis, to have fun, to enjoy outdoor workout and to reduce the impacts on your joints to the minimum?

    How to conciliate Sport & Health for life?

    How to accomodate the interests of both Wellness & Performance?


    We decided to put our focus on the three sports that are the most frequently pursued, Running, Cycling and Fitness, and we tried to find out the best of each other.


    It resulted in one solution for all, definitely an innovative and disruptive approach but effective...

    >> Running on a bike <<


    Our mission is to design and produce the best of these stand up bikes that allow people to run impact-free on road or trail.

    Our core values

    innovation "made in France"

    Bike is an endless inspiration to innovate in various domains.

    Obviously in our case it was at first a technological innovation. Indeed we had to face the challenge of replicating/transposing a running stride on a common bike frame without a saddle. It resulted in a patented running motion that allows a smooth and ajustable stride (long/compact). It was important for us to keep the standard scope of a bike in order not to start from scratch and design a brand new kind of frame with non-standard aspects.

    One of the reason was to be able to easily integrate a central electric motor to provide the best electric-assist.

    In this way we are really satisfied to be the first worldwide able to produce such Stand Up E-Bike. The E-RunningBike was born!


    Our innovative approach was as well a social approach, indeed we always kept in mind that developing such kind of bikes could lead to a fully brand new sport and subsequently create social link and community by sharing the same sport activity.

    More than a new trend, it is also a real innovative approach to achieve

    eco-friendly mobility (Bike2Work).


    After 2-years of R&D, we are really proud to be the only one producer of such bike in France!

    We work with great technical key partners that are well-known in the cycle industry, they have a great know-how above all in the MTB and most of them are located in the Vosges (East of France).

    Our company is based in Alsace (East of France) and is composed of teammates that are keen on sports.

    Our goal

    To infinity and beyond...

    From start-up to ride-up!


    Our goal is to launch a mass production starting from 2018 and within 3-5 years to become the european leader in the production of such stand up bikes that allow people to run impact-free while enjoying outdoor fitness.


    Let's Moov Up & Bike!

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